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Best Numbers To Pick For Oz Lotto

Best Oz Lotto Numbers

What are the best Oz Lotto numbers to play is a question we are often asked.

The answer is, the best oz lotto numbers vary!  There is no simple answer, because it varies depending on what time period you choose, and it changes from time to time.

Let’s give you an example, using a Report we have previously published for the Most Drawn Numbers.

Most Drawn Oz Lotto Numbers over 200, 100 and 50 draws

As you can see, over 200 draws to 29 Dec 2015, the most drawn Oz Lotto number was 19, which had been drawn 43 times over 200 draws, 21.5% of the time.

However, over 100 draws to 29 Dec 2015, the most drawn number was 25, which had been drawn 23 times over 100 draws, or 23% of the time.

Over 50 draws to 29 Dec 2015, the best number was 2, which had been drawn 14 times over 100 draws, or 28% of the time.

So clearly “the best numbers to play” depends on the time frame you choose.

This is a simplistic approach, which we expanded to look for the most drawn Oz Lotto numbers CONSISTENTLY over 3 different time periods.

While 19 was the “best” over 200 draws, it was the “second best” over 100 draws, and the joint 7th over 50 draws.  In other words, it is consistently good.

Compare this with the number 9.  This is very good over the short term – 50 weeks – but almost at the bottom of the list for 200 draws, and low for 100 draws.

We look for numbers that are consistently good.

Notice that in the table above, a line is drawn under the 30 number mark.   Of the top 30 numbers for each time period, only 22 numbers are consistently good.

BUT, that is as of 29 Dec 2015.  By the time you read this, the number 9 may have improved significantly, while other Oz Lotto numbers have fallen back.

For this reason, we update the Most Drawn Oz Lotto Numbers Report on a regular basis.  Barring major Oz Lotto jackpots, we would update every 6 months.  However, in practice we tend to update every time the Oz Lotto Jackpot goes over $30 Mill; this is the time our clients want this info.  We also include info on numbers not out for the last 10 draws – we suggest you spread these numbers out over your overall entry; one, maybe two might be drawn next draw, but it is highly unlikely they will all be drawn.  Tuesday Lottery Results typically only include one number from those not drawn for a while.

Please feel free to use the above table as you wish; to purchase an up to date Table once the jackpot is over $30 million, please click this link.  You will be taken to Paypal, charged $7 for the Table, and emailed your new Oz Lotto Most Drawn Numbers Report within 3 business days.

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