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We market a range of lotto books – Among them are:


Winning Lotto Secrets – SIX Ball Lotto Book

Winning Lotto Secrets SIX Ball Lottery Book Fully Updated at the beginning of 2016, this lotto book is suitable for ALL SIX ball lotteries worldwide (please see below for 5 ball lotteries).

It is a great combination of lotto systems, lotto statistics and lotto strategies, and incorporates the techniques we have used in our own wins.

This book is aimed at the INDIVIDUAL player.

We have the usual range of Lottery Systems – 5 winning numbers together from any 6 winning lotto numbers; 4 winning numbers together from any 6 winning lotto numbers; 4 winning numbers together from any 4 winning lotto numbers; 5 winning numbers together from any 5 winning lotto numbers; lotto systems for pairs etc.

BUT, it has unique systems you cannot get anywhere else – the Dual Guarantee lottery systems; this includes BOTH 5 winning numbers together from any 6 winning lotto numbers PLUS 4 winning numbers together from any 4 winning lotto numbers.

With 150+ Pages, 29 Chapters and Lotto Systems, this is our Flagship 6 ball lottery book and intended for serious lotto players, including lotto syndicates/clubs.

You can save some serious money with this book – while playing lotto in the smartest way possible.  For example, you may know that a System 12 requires 924 games.  But – did you know that “any 3 pairs from 6 pairs” requires just 20 games, saving you over 900 games!

Click here for FULL Details of our Winning Lotto Secrets book – including a free example of an 8-number lotto system.



Lotto Book -How I Won The Lottery 6 Weeks Out of 10

How I Won Lotto 6 Weeks Out Of 10  A highly unusual Lotto Book!  Basically, a documented 10-week experiment I made with a new lotto system in 2015, including screenshots of all the coupons and the winnings.

In summary, I played for 10 weeks, won for 6 of those weeks, and got 39% of my outlay back.  Now here is the kicker – the experimental lotto system had just 15 games!  Where else can you find a 15 game lottery system with a 60% success rate – that allows you to play at a discount of almost 40%?  No big wins, but for those on a budget a great buy.

Our argument is that EVERYONE should have a DOUBLE Lotto Strategy.  The first is the one everyone has – play for First Prize.  We maintain your second Strategy should be to play in a manner that gets back as much as possible of your outlay.  We also feel that any lotto system that brings regular small wins has a better chance of delivering the big one, as opposed to simply trusting dumb luck.  Play Smart Lotto!

Setting up lotto systems that relate to the prize structure is, to the best of my knowledge, something no one else is doing.  Our 15 game lottery system delivers 16 winning lotto numbers – Our concept of Maximum Winning Numbers In Minimum Games ™.  Depending on the prize structure of your lottery, you may do better or worse than we did.

This book is based on lottery systems for TRIO’s.

Any 2 trio’s from 3 trio’s – plus – Any 2 trio’s from 4 trio’s, allow you to target any SIX ball lottery worldwide.  They can be “mixed and matched.”  With a 9-number lotto system and a 12-number lotto system, you can target any lottery by either leaving out a few numbers or playing a few numbers twice.  Examples?

For our 45 ball Australian Lottery, we used 5 sets of 9 numbers

For a 49 ball Lottery, use 4 sets of 12 numbers, playing 48 of the 49 lottery numbers

For a 42 ball Lottery, use 2 sets of 12 numbers, plus 2 sets of 9 numbers

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

For FULL Details of How I Won The Lottery 6 Weeks Out of 10, Please click here.


We also run Private Lotto Syndicates in Australia through a Lotto Agent in Melbourne – email for details.

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