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Winning Lotto - Our First Win

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How We Can Help You Win Oz Lotto

Won with Lotto Agent Peter Karol, whom I now work with.

Our Latest Lotto Win – wins are now paid direct to bank accounts, but here is the Specimen Check you get.

Winning Lotto Cheque 3

From: Terry Fisher, Million Dollar Lottery Winner (3 Times!)

In April 2006, I won $1,008,742.00 on the Lottery ….

Pure Luck? Or are there winning lotto secrets that YOU can use?

In August 2006, I shared in ANOTHER lottery win of $1,374,196.20, based on the same winning lotto strategy.

In 2013, winning the lottery for a THIRD time became a reality – using a Lotto System almost identical to my First Million Dollar Lotto Win.

I’ve also won $76,500,  $19,612.30,  $15,334.25,  $12,565.85 and much more.  Plus, I have won multiple prizes every Australian Superdraw since 1999.

Still think it’s pure luck?

Or are there Winning Lotto Secrets that could explode your chances of a big win in Oz Lotto?

Originally, I developed these winning lotto systems for my own personal use.  Then I graduated to sharing larger lotto systems with friends.  Today I am partnered with lottery agent Peter Karol, marketing mega lotto systems, using my secret techniques to dramatically boost the odds of a large win.

There is NO Magic Secret for Winning First Prize every week. But – we can show you the Tips, Tricks, Systems and Strategies that have helped us win THREE Million-Dollar lottery prizes.

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A System 10 in Oz Lotto costs $120 – but our Oz Lotto book shows you how to get FOUR great Guarantees for JUST $10 – 

Oz Lotto Guarantee 1

With Seven Winning Numbers Anywhere in Your 10 numbers – Six or More Are Guaranteed Together

Guarantee 2
With Six Winning Numbers Anywhere in Your 10 numbers – Five or More Are Guaranteed Together

Guarantee 3

With Five Winning Numbers Anywhere in Your 10 numbers –
They are Either Together or You Have Multiples of 4 Numbers together

Guarantee 4

With Four Winning Numbers Anywhere in Your 10 numbers – They are Absolutely Guaranteed To Be Together

And you can get ALL these great Guarantees in TEN games.  Not as good as the $120 (+ Agents Commission) Full Oz Lotto System 10 I agree – and if you have got $120 to share, go ahead, play the Full System 10.

If not, maybe a Ten-Game Oz Lotto System with FOUR different Guarantees is a GREAT idea!

A System 9 in Oz Lotto costs $36 – but we show you how to get FOUR great
Guarantees for just $6

Oz Lotto Guarantee 1

With Seven Winning Numbers Anywhere in Your 9 numbers – Six or More Are Guaranteed Together

Guarantee 2

With Six Winning Numbers Anywhere in Your 9 numbers – Five or More Are Guaranteed Together

Guarantee 3

With Five Winning Numbers Anywhere in Your 9 numbers – They Are Either Together or You Have Multiples of 4 numbers together

Guarantee 4

With Four Winning Numbers Anywhere in Your 9 numbers – They Are Absolutely Guaranteed To Be Together

BOTH Systems are in your Oz Lotto Book!

Oz Lotto Tips - Winning Oz LottoNew Oz Lotto 47 Ball Game

And here is what is inside your Oz Lotto Book – an easy 57 page read, with Oz Lotto Systems a 12 year old could create in under 30 minutes!

Contents Page

Here is what your 9-number Oz Lotto System looks like (obviously the sensitive parts are blurred out for this example, or there would be no need to buy the book!):

9-number lotto system example

As you can see, MULTIPLE Templates are provided.  You can either just play 9 numbers (in 6 games), all 45 numbers in 5 sets of 9 (30 games), or anything in between.  Simply write your 9 chosen numbers under 101-109 at the top, and then copy them down into the 6 games below.  Could not be simpler!

Our Track Record is PROVEN …In the best possible way. We post our Million-Dollar winning lotto checks on our website. Go on – try to find another so-called lotto expert who does that!

It’s Quick, Easy and Simple – We provide a system a 12-year old could follow.

Suitable for ANY Budget – Whether you are playing alone or with a group of high rollers, there is a system suitable for your pocket. Through scaleability, we make it affordable for everyone.

It’s Totally Risk-Free – Try our secret lotto system for 30 days. If you are unhappy for any reason, send us a quick email and there’s a happy, no-questions-asked refund on its way to you.

For far less than your lotto entry costs for a single month, you can have the proven secrets of a winning lotto system from a lotto expert that has already had THREE Million-Dollar Lotto Wins

How much do you waste every year on losing lottery tickets? At only $10 a week, its $500+ every year. Play $20 a week – and you give away over $1,000 of your hard earned money every year.

Do you want to keep ripping up losing lottery tickets?

Or is it time to give up a cappuccino a day for a week to get your hands on winning lotto secrets that could turn your world upside down!

The second BIG Oz Lotto Strategy we have (apart from everyone’s main strategy of First Prize) is getting regular small Oz Lotto wins – effectively playing Oz Lotto at a discount. As you can see below, in July 2018 we won small prizes in Oz Lotto 4 attempts out of 4 (It is not always this good).

Winning Lotto Results

Some weeks we win nothing, most weeks we play Oz Lotto and get small wins – and occasionally we make a small profit that pays for future Oz Lotto tickets, as below –

Winning Oz Lotto Results

Get “Oz Lotto Tips” TODAY – And just maybe you can start Living The Dream tomorrow!


I’ve Won My First Million. And my second. And the third!  I believe I’ll win again – and maybe again (remember, I’ve already got 6 numbers EIGHT times – 3 First Prizes and 5 Main + 1 Bonus 5 times).

IF you come back to this web page and its vanished – So have I.  I’m fascinated with the Lottery, love playing with numbers, and I’m happy to share my Secrets with you – for the time being.  But at some stage, Fishing, Tennis, Golf, Walking and Overseas Holidays are going to become my Full-Time Job.

The secret to success in ANYTHING is ACTING ON IT NOW. If you come back in a couple of months and I’ve disappeared, don’t say you didn’t get fair warning. PLEASE – ACT NOW!

With THREE Million-Dollar Wins and heaps of major prizes, we could easily ask $500 for these PROVEN winning lotto secrets – And people would still buy.

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Oz Lotto BookGuarantee

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Best Wishes & Good Luck,

Terry Fisher

Author Terry Fisher

Established 1995.

Phone: 0468 420 470  (Australia)

P.S.- Remember – You are dealing with a REAL Million-Dollar lotto winner.

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  1. What are the Odds of winning Oz Lotto? The Odds of Winning First Prize in Oz Lotto are 1 in 45,379,620. However, there are 7 ways to win, so the chances of winning something are 1 in 87 for a single game.
  2. How much does it cost to play Oz Lotto?  A regular 12 Game Standard Entry costs $15.75.
  3. What are the most drawn Oz Lotto Numbers?  The most drawn Oz Lotto numbers at Aug 2019 are 27 (drawn 230 times), 29 (drawn 221 times), 7 (drawn 219 times),  28 (drawn 217 times), 43 (drawn 211 times), 35 (drawn 208 times), 40 (drawn 205 times).
  4. How many numbers in Oz Lotto?  The are 45 numbers in total – you need 7 correct to win Oz Lotto First Prize (9 numbers are actually drawn, 7 main numbers and 2 supplementary numbers).
  5. Are Oz Lotto System Entries a good idea?  Maybe; the numbers of games climb very quickly.  A System 9 requires 36 games; an Oz Lotto System 10 requires 120 games; a System 12 requires 792 games and an Oz Lotto System 15 requires 6,435.  BUT we think multiple entries of our Abbreviated Oz Lotto Systems are a better option, allowing you to cover all 45 numbers.
  6. Where can I watch the Oz Lotto Draw?  On channel 7, every Tuesday at 8.30pm.
  7. Do you get taxed on lottery winnings in Australia? Unlike most countries worldwide, Oz Lotto winnings are tax free.